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The Cardone team is passionate, warm, optimistic - and most importantly for you - dependable. With excellent resources at hand, your case is going to be supported by a team of legal professionals as well as medical doctors, engineers, investigators, accident research specialists, and others who will all work in unison to develop the best case for you. Above all, the Cardone team isn’t afraid to fight for you, regardless of how big or small the defendant is. 

With the specialized skills of Clifford Cardone. He brings over 40 years of legal experience in a wide range of areas and genuine concern for the clients that he serves. 

Beyond his expertise in the realm of personal injury cases, Mr. Cardone has also worked in the district attorney’s office, serving as senior trial attorney and lead trial attorney, as well as arguing cases before the Louisiana Supreme Court, acting as a consultant for the Louisiana Legislature, and sitting as an ad-hoc Judge in New Orleans Municipal and Traffic Court.

Remarkably, Mr. Cardone also presented a case successfully before the United States Supreme Court reversing a Louisiana Supreme Court decision. With only 1% of all cases reaching the U.S. Supreme Court annually, this was a rare and valuable experience for Mr. Cardone.

Ultimately, all these positions, successes, and learning opportunities have helped to build a highly respected and commended reputation among judges, peers, and clients alike.

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Change happens. In an instant, tragedy can strike. In one fateful moment, everything you know can be shattered into a million pieces. You need someone you can trust. Someone you can depend on. Someone who can help you piece your life back together to something familiar. 

When all seems lost following a severe car wreck or serious personal injury, find comfort in the care of Cardone Law Firm. With over 40 years of successful litigation and legal experience, Clifford E. Cardone have the passion, dedication, and ability to deliver positive, predictable results for you.

Many lawyers, unfortunately, view their practice primarily as a business. Too many law firms are designed to run like factories - get the client in and the product out in a hurry.

The Cardone Law Firm takes pride in being a small service firm, as this allows them the opportunity to focus 100% of their efforts on the cases they take and clients they guide. When you choose Cardone Law Firm, you’re choosing specialized care. You’re choosing a team of attorneys that can provide stability in a world that seems to be on the edge of chaos.

When you turn to the Cardone Law Firm, you’re choosing New Orleans attorney who have delivered meaningful results for hundreds of clients who have suffered horrendous personal injuries because of car accidents, work-related accidents, biking and pedestrian accidents, accidents involving drunk drivers, or who are having difficulty with their insurance companies.

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